Pediatric Care

Homoeopathy in Pediatrics

Homoeopathy treats individuals of all ages & it can become one of the preferred methods of treatment especially for children. Excellent results are noted where in homoeopathic medicines were given to treat various kinds of illnesses in children.

Homoeopathy acts on the patient, there by increasing the resistance of the individual to fight the disease. The medicine helps to boost the immune system & thus helps the patient to fight the disease.

Homoeopathy has good scope in management of nearly all medical diseases of children. Right from infancy to adulthood, this system can help patients with all medical problems. Various infectious diseases, bacterial, viral, parasitic infestations, nutritional disorders and all other systemic disorders are effectively managed by homoeopathy. Homoeopathy can also bring about favorable results in various behavioral disorders, which affect children – nocturnal enuresis, phobias, hyperactive disorders, autism etc to enumerate some of them.

Because of very minute doses, which are prescribed, these medicines are very safe when administered to children with very few side effects if at all they occur. Also because of the sweet taste children readily take the medicines and trouble.

Homoeopathy therefore become a very safe & easy method of treatment in the pediatric disorders.