Dr Gayatri Rao

Dr. Gayatri Rao (B.H.M.S.) is dedicated to helping anyone find better health through homeopathy. She offers a holistic approach to better health using a combination of innovative Homeopathy and nutritional guidance. Her focus is on treatment for children with special needs and skin ailments. She is available for virtual consultations via zoom/skype/whatsapp. She also helps families create a do-it-yourself homeopathic kit for treating common ailments at home.

Dr. Rao completed her BHMS from Mumbai University in 2003 and has 17 years of experience as a Homeopathic professional she is a Bach flower therapist as well. She has worked with renowned Homeopathic practitioners such as Dr. Kasad, Dr. Monica Buch, and Dr. Zenobia Colabawala in the past.


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